Abbas says peace talks with US are pointless amid Trump ‘chaos’

Abbas expressed doubt about the US administration’s ability to lead peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel, given the chaos in the White House.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas questioned how the Trump administration could possibly broker a peace agreement when its own team is in turmoil.

“I don’t understand how they are dealing with us, given that within their own nation, the administration is in chaos,” Abbas said.

The Palestinian leader spoke in Ramallah with ultra-left Meretz party head Zahava Gal-On, whose office later released details of the conversation to the media, including quotes from Abbas.

“I have met with [US President Donald] Trump’s emissaries to the Middle East about 20 times since the start of his tenure,” Abbas told Gal-On. “Each time, they have stressed their commitment  to the two-state solution and to the cessation of building in the settlements,” he said, referring to the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

“I have urged them to say the same thing to Netanyahu, but they have refrained from doing so. I am not sure what this means with regard to the continuation of the talks or the upcoming visit,” he said.

By: World Israel News Staff