American support for Israel’s war on Hamas is slipping, new poll shows

Republicans and independents increasingly say Israel has ‘gone too far’ in its war against the Hamas terrorist organization.

By David Rosenberg, World Israel News

A new poll released last Friday shows support amongst Americans for Israel’s ongoing war against the Hamas terrorist organization is waning, with a growing number of respondents saying Israel has “gone too far” in its efforts to uproot Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

According to the poll, which was conducted by the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and published by The Associated Press, 50% of American adults say Israel’s military response to the October 7th atrocities has “gone too far,” compared to 31% who say it has been “about right,” and 15% who say Israel has “not gone far enough.”

In early November, just 40% of respondents said Israel had “gone too far,” while nearly as many – 38% – said Israel’s response was “about right,” with 18% who said Israel has not gone far enough.

The biggest shifts came among self-identified Republicans and independents.

While just 18% of Republicans said in November that Israel had gone too far, 33% now gave that description of Israel’s military operation. Forty-eight percent said Israel’s response was “about right” in November, compared to 41% in the new poll. The percentage who said Israel had not gone far enough fell from 32% to 24%.

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Independents were roughly evenly divided in November between those who said Israel had gone too far (39%) and those who said Israel’s response was “about right” (38%). Now, 52% say Israel has gone too far, while 28% said Israel’s response is “about right.” The percentage who say Israel has not gone far enough fell from 16% to 12%.

A majority of Democrats said Israel has gone too far in both the November poll and the current poll, rising from 58% to 63%, though the number saying Israel has not gone far enough increased slightly, from 7% to 9%.

The poll was conducted from January 25th through the 29th and has a margin of error of +/- 3.9%.