Antisemitic incidents rose 171% since January of 2023

The daily average is 15.1 incidents a day.


The Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) has released its monthly report of antisemitic incidents, finding 468 running across a spectrum of actions and motives.

Comparing last month’s total to January 2023, CAM reports an increase of 171%, making a daily average of 15.1.

The largest share of the incidents (65.3%) were Israel-related with 16.25% as expressions of “classical” antisemitism; 8.97% as Islamist in motivation; and the rest as Holocaust denial, minimization, distortion or unattributable categories.

Types of incidents included vandalism (68 incidents), physical threats (52) and the majority—329, or 70%—as hate speech.

The organization cited such examples as a man who tried to stab Jews at a kosher supermarket in London and anti-Israel protesters yelling “shame on you” at pediatric cancer patients whose place of treatment had received a donation from a Jew.

CAM also noted that a neo-Nazi podcaster had said Jews should be “absolutely annihilated” and that Turkey, which has come out strongly against Israel over its war with Hamas in Gaza, had seen an uptick in antisemitic incidents.