Arab terrorist stabs 4 Israelis in northern Israel

The wave of Muslim terror continues in Israel, this time striking at a mall in northern Israel.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

The wave of religiously motivated terror perpetrated by Muslims against Jews in Israel persisted Sunday night, this time striking at a small mall in northern Israel.

An Arab terrorist rammed his car into shoppers at a mall near Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, and then exited his car a stabbed his Jewish victims, until he was overpowered and subdued by security forces on site.

One victim, a 19 year old female IDF soldier, was critically wounded as she was hit by the car and suffered a multi-systemic injury. She also suffered from stab wounds. She was hospitalized in critical and life-threatening condition.

The other victims included a 45-year-old man who suffered from light stab wounds to his lower body, a 14-year-old girl hit by the car and lightly to moderately wounded, and a 19-year-old IDF soldier who suffered light to moderate injuries.

All victims were taken to Hadera’s Hillel Yaffe Medical Center for treatment, but the critically wounded female soldier was moved overnight to Sheba hospital in Tel Aviv to be treated by specialists.

“I heard a car stop, and saw a young man get out and start stabbing people,” Benayahu Arazi, who was at the site of the attack and helped capture the terrorist, told Israel’s Channel 2 TV. “I work at Gan Shmuel, I was on my way home, and then I heard the sound of a car stopping suddenly. I saw a man beating and stabbing a young girl,” he said.

“The young girl was shouting ‘help me’ and I saw that she had been stabbed in the shoulder. She was really brave as even though she was wounded, she signaled for people not to approach,” Arazi said.

“We brought him down. There were three of us who fought the terrorist, we got him on the ground. He was determined to turn around and stab [us], he would not let up and was going crazy throughout.” Arazi was wounded in the scuffle.

“The girl had told me that he had stabbed two other soldiers. When I saw the attacker had been restrained, I looked for the soldiers and I saw the woman soldier who had been very seriously wounded in the face,” the witness said.

The terrorist was named by the Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency) as Ala Zwid, a resident of Umm el-Fahm in his 20’s. He is originally from the Palestinian village of Masilat a-Hartiyya near Jenin.

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He is currently being investigated by the police to determine his motives, if he was a member of a terror cell and who was behind the incitement that encouraged him to commit the terror attack.