Arizona judge orders anti-Semitic teen vandals to visit Holocaust survivor

An Arizona court has sentenced three teens who committed an anti-Semitic act of vandalism to an unusual punishment. 

Three teens who vandalized a Chanukah candelabra during the Jewish holiday last December by stealing it and turning into a Swastika, the infamous Nazi symbol, pleaded guilty to criminal-damage charges this week.

Arizona’s AZCentral news reported on Monday that a plea bargain was reached, with specific ramifications for the offenders.

The perpetrators, who were charged as juveniles, have been sentenced to 30 hours of community service and must also write a letter of apology to the victims.

“In seeking justice for all through responsible application of the law, sometimes that means employing innovative strategies when imposing consequences,” Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said, according to the report.

The three were also ordered by the court to meet with a Holocaust survivor and follow up with a 10-page essay on the visit and the impact their offense had on the community.

A fourth vandal, who had already posted an apology to the family on Facebook, has not yet been sentenced.

“This crime impacted the victims, their community, and, in fact, many around the world,” Montgomery said. “It also presented us with an opportunity to have a positive impact on young lives and create healing through education and understanding.”

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By: World Israel News Staff