Ben-Gvir vows zero tolerance for attacks on police, anarchy

National Security Minister defends police officers accused of using excessive force to break up raucous illegal protest outside Netanyahu’s private residence.

By World Israel News Staff

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir offered his strong support for Israeli police officers accused of using excessive force, after demonstrators complained that they had been treated roughly when police broke up an illegal protest in front of the prime minister’s home in Caesarea.

On Friday evening, some 200 protesters gathered outside of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s private home in the coastal town of Caesarea, blocking roads and screaming into bullhorns.

Local residents called the police, who ordered the crowd to leave the area and cease the protest because they did not have the appropriate permits for the demonstration.

Left-wing activists were quick to push a narrative that they had been the victims of police brutality after they refused to disperse during the late-night, illegal protest, but Ben-Gvir said that security forces had acted appropriately.

While some activists leaked photos to Hebrew-language media of one demonstrator left with a bloody nose, police said that some of the protesters at the scene had physically assaulted security officers.

Three people were arrested at the protest, including prominent activist Moshe Radman, and taken to a nearby police station in Hadera. An additional 11 people were arrested after they attempted to storm the police station in protest of their three comrades being detained.

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“Those who attack police officers should be treated with zero tolerance, and our job is to protect the police officers and democracy. I will fight for everyone’s right to demonstrate, but freedom of speech is not freedom of harassment and bullying, violation of public order and freedom to attack police officers,” said Ben-Gvir in a statement.

“I strengthen the hands of the Commissioner and the District Commander and call for zero tolerance in the face of the phenomena of attacks on police officers and of anarchy.”

Protest leaders responded in a statement that Ben-Gvir “supports police violence” and that he is not “National Security Minister, he is a minister of violence and incitement.”

“Ben Gvir, take this to heart,” the statement continued.

“We are not afraid of you, we will continue to demonstrate everywhere against the accomplices of the coup attempt.”