Bernie Sanders compares Netanyahu to Hamas

‘Netanyahu cannot run Israel if we’re going to ever have peace,’ says Vermont senator.

By David Rosenberg, World Israel News

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders denounced the Netanyahu government, arguing that Israel will never have peace so long as Benjamin Netanyahu – the Jewish state’s longest-serving premier – remains in power.

Speaking with CBS News Sunday, the 82-year-old senator and former presidential hopeful drew a direct comparison between the Netanyahu government and the Hamas terror organization, claiming that peace will never come to the region if either remains in power, slamming Israel’s demand that Hamas must be dismantled.

“What you need right now is a ceasefire tomorrow so that the trucks, the massive amount of humanitarian aid can come in to feed the people who are starving,” Sanders said.

“But you have Hamas dedicated to destroying Israel. You have the Netanyahu government, which is dedicated to destroying Hamas. I think at the end of the day, Hamas cannot be continuing to run Gaza. And Netanyahu government cannot continue to run Israel, if we’re going to ever leave- bring peace to that region.”

Sanders called for the U.S. to halt military aid to Israel, and to massively increase the flow of aid to the Gaza Strip, while demanding Israel halt its war against Hamas, initiated following the massacre of 1,200 Israelis on October 7th.

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The senator also accused Israel of the “mass slaughter” of civilians in Gaza.

“America cannot be complicit in this mass slaughter of children… That should be clear, no more money to Netanyahu’s war machine to kill Palestinian children.”

Turning to Israel’s planned operation in the southern Gaza city of Rafah – the last Hamas stronghold in the Gaza Strip – Sanders said the Biden administration should leverage American aid to Israel to pressure Netanyahu not to carry out the incursion.

“One-point-seven million Palestinians, 80% of their population have been driven from their homes and displaced. Many of them end up in Rafah. To go in there and to displace them again and start a major military campaign would be an unmitigated disaster. So my view is, of course, we cannot support an attack of that kind on Rafah. Bottom line is, though, Netanyahu has got to be told no more money for his war machine, unless there is humanitarian aid coming in to feed the people.”