Biden implies Burlington shooter was motivated by ‘Islamophobia’

While we’re waiting for the facts, let’s go ahead and imply that this was a hate crime and validate the Islamist propaganda.

By Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Magazine

As soon as the media heard that 3 Arab Muslim men who identify as ‘Palestinian’ were shot in a violent encounter in Burlington, VT, the story was already pre-written before a single thing was known about the incident or the shooter.

The trouble is that the shooter, Jason James Eaton, doesn’t remotely fit whatever profile the media had been building up.

Eaton was known to some in the local restaurant industry as “the veggie quiet,” who brought organic vegetables to local chefs. A former acquaintance who declined to be named was shocked when informed of the news by Business Insider that the Syracuse fixture, “that hippie guy,” was the accused shooter.

“[The news] just doesn’t sound like him,” deGraffe said, adding that Eaton never talked about guns or violence when he knew him and he thought he had a “progressive” worldview…

An Instagram account believed to be Eaton’s followed an account called “WorldMilitaryWarfare” and in 2020 posted a meme with a definition of “Amerika” that called it “the worst sense of the United States, ie imperialism, corruption and the global exportation of American culture.”

And in a playlist titled ‘Hope for Our Government”, there were a whole bunch of positive videos about the Biden administration.

Eaton was a kooky guy with some random obsessions, but that’s not all that unusual these days. None of those obsessions seemed to involve the Middle East or Islam.

He’s not Jewish.

And yet here’s a taste of the deranged stuff that NBC, currently trying to take the lead in the Hamas propaganda races, is putting out with an entire ‘live blog’ on a shooting that happened two days ago in which no one was killed and a suspect was arrested.

At a vigil on the Brown campus today, a professor read a statement from one of the shooting victims, Hisham Awartani, a Brown student.

“This hideous crime did not happen in a vacuum. As much as I appreciate the love of every single one of you here today, I am but one casualty in a much wider conflict,” the statement said. “Had I been shot in the West Bank, where I grew up, the medical services which saved my life here would have likely been withheld by the Israeli army. The soldier who would have shot me would go home and never be convicted.”

Awartani said, “Any attempt like this is horrific, be it here or in Palestine.”

Why would an Israeli soldier be shooting him? He’s a casualty in what conflict? With the hippie farmers of Burlington, VT?

The thing to remember is that they lie like they breathe and the media eagerly pushes their lies.

The families of the three college students shot in Burlington said in a joint statement that they are relieved an arrest has been made.

In the statement, they said that they believe an investigation will show their sons were targeted because they are Palestinian and that accountability is needed so such an attack does not happen again.

Zero evidence of that. But NBC News does manage to include a picture of Artwani, who is 20, as an 11-year-old. It’s the most unintentionally funny moment in NBC’s descent into ‘Pallywoodizing’ the shootings.

Biden, who never issued a statement on the murder of Paul Kessler, did issue one on the Burlington shootings.

President Biden on Monday condemned the shooting in Burlington, Vt., that seriously injured three Palestinian college students visiting the city for Thanksgiving.

“While we are waiting for more facts, we know this: there is absolutely no place for violence or hate in America. Period. No person should worry about being shot at while going about their daily lives. And far too many Americans know a family member injured or killed as a result of gun violence. We cannot and we will not accept that.”

While we’re waiting for the facts, let’s go ahead and imply that this was a hate crime and validate the Islamist propaganda.

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