Biden to trade nukes to terrorists for Election Day bribes

Nuclear materials in the hands of Islamic terrorists is the ultimate nightmare and Biden is risking mass death.

By Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Magazine

The Biden administration and the Saudis are reportedly cooking up a deal.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Saudis will get nuclear capability, defense guarantees, and a terrorist state inside Israel.

And what will the United States get? Temporarily lower prices.

The Saudis are not offering to boost oil production to bring down prices as a favor to America, but to Biden.

And it’s an election quid-pro-quo that may cost millions of Americans their lives.

After draining the strategic petroleum reserve ahead of the midterms, Biden has been unable to refill it because his environmentalist allies and the Saudis have kept prices high.

The Saudis had rejected requests to lower oil prices for anything short of assistance in building their own nuclear program.

Shortly before the Hamas attacks of Oct 7, the Saudis had offered to temporarily boost production if it would make it easier to sell Congress on a defense agreement.

Back then the Saudi deal had been portrayed as an extension of the ‘Abraham Accords’ and offered ‘normalization’ of diplomatic ties with Israel.

Whether the Saudis were ever serious about normalization is debatable but since Oct 7, any such agreement has been conditioned on an internationally recognized Islamic terrorist ‘Palestinian’ state affiliated with Saudi Arabia.

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The current expectation is that a deal between Biden and the Saudis will drop the Israeli component and focus on a defense agreement and nuclear power in exchange for cheap oil.

Whether Israel is or isn’t on board, a Saudi nuclear agreement is a bad deal for America.

The United States is more than capable of producing its own oil.

The only obstacle in the way of American energy independence is Joe Biden and his party who are determined to push ‘green energy’ that only makes us equally dependent on Muslim terror states and Communist China.

Nuclear energy could help solve our energy problems, but the Saudis, who are the world’s largest oil producers, certainly don’t need to go nuclear to fix any energy shortfalls.

Nor do they care about the environment. A civilian nuclear energy program makes about as much sense for Saudi Arabia as it does for Iran.

The only reasonable argument for enabling the Saudis to go nuclear would be to counter Iran’s nuclear weapons program, but rather than averting a nuclear attack, that could double the risk and the possible vectors for nuclear armageddon.

The trouble with letting either Iran or the Saudis go nuclear is not just the direct nuclear threat, but the indirect one that will come from Islamic terrorists getting their hands on either nuclear weapons or materials.

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Saudi Arabia has made some progress under the MBS monarchy, including allowing women greater rights and backing away from some of the terrorist groups and movements that the kingdom has traditionally supported, and even purged some of the old guard who oversaw the Jihadi war against America (this led to Jamal Khashoggi’s death).

But the Saudis have always played multiple angles and there’s still plenty of money going to Islamist groups and terrorist organizations from the kingdom’s wealthy elites.

Even if the Saudis were to truly clean up their act (an unlikely scenario since financing terrorism remains one of the most reliable power plays in the region), it will only take MBS being overthrown to change that.

Had the coup advanced by Jamal Khashoggi, Qatar and other regional players succeeded, the same political figures who financed Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups would once again be in control.

A nuclear deal cannot be based on reforms implemented by one man and opposed by significant elements in the Saudi power structure. What happens if that one man goes?

Nuclear capability is a threat for generations. It should not be an agreement made lightly.

Biden is proposing to swap nuclear capabilities in exchange for the Saudis providing cheap oil for his election.

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The Saudis have made it clear that they can’t offer long term price guarantees which means they’d be doing little more than providing a temporary market fix long enough to get a presidential candidate his second term in office.

After all the talk of impeachable quid-pro-quos, here’s one that could get millions killed.

Nuclear materials in the hands of Islamic terrorists is the ultimate nightmare and Biden is risking mass death, the destruction of entire American cities, in exchange for an election day bribe.

By emptying the strategic petroleum reserve to bribe midterm voters, Biden already dangerously endangered our economy and our national security.

The cost of his illegal student loan debt bribes is already approaching an estimated $1 trillion and that may just be the beginning.

But there’s a big difference between stealing money to bribe voters and making a deal with an enemy nation that can cost the lives of millions. One is corruption while the other is treason.

The safety and security of the United States of America depends on keeping nuclear materials as far away from terrorists as possible.

Biden’s proposed quid-pro-quo deal with Saudi Arabia risks putting nuclear materials in the hands of Islamic terrorists for his own political benefit.

That’s not a deal Congress should approve, it’s a deal that Congress could impeach him over.