Biden’s support for Israel wobbling due to elections, says Israeli minister

“Israel is a sovereign state, and we are the only democracy in the region,” said Energy Minister Eli Cohen.

By World Israel News Staff

A senior Israeli government official said that increasingly harsh rhetoric from the Biden administration regarding the ongoing fighting in Gaza stems from concerns over the November 2024 presidential election.

Speaking at a conference in Eilat, Energy Minister Eli Cohen suggested that public criticisms of Israel were for the Democratic party’s political benefit, rather than representing a fundamental change in the U.S.’s view of Israel.

“The only change I see in the Americans’ stance is because of the upcoming elections in the United States,” Cohen said.

Cohen also downplayed the significance of American pressure to wrap up the war and avoid an invasion of Rafah, which President Biden has previously called a “red line.”

He emphasized that the Jewish State would make its own decisions, regardless of Washington.

“Israel is a sovereign state, and we are the only democracy in the region,” he said.

“If America, our greatest friend whom I greatly appreciate, does not give Israel absolute backing [for the Rafah invasion] – it has nothing to look for in the Middle East.”

Cohen also dismissed concerns that the fledging peace deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia – which appeared to be on the brink of coming to fruition just before October 7th – would no longer occur due to the war.

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The Saudis “very much want an agreement with Israel, and their primary interest is a defense alliance with the United States,” Cohen said.

He also acknowledged a condition for normalization often stated by Saudi Arabia – a two-state solution that would see a self-governing, independent Palestinian entity.

Cohen said that he believed Riyadh would be flexible on that point.

“There will be peace with the Saudis even without a Palestinian state.”