Black supremacist denounces Holocaust education in Maryland state legislature

Ayo Kimathi, a black supremacist fired from DHS for his genocidal views, denounces black lawmakers supporting Holocaust education bill.

By World Israel News Staff

A black supremacist activist addressed a hearing of the Maryland state legislature Wednesday, castigating black lawmakers who were considering voting in favor of a Holocaust education bill.

Ayo Kimathi, 50, who has used the moniker “The Irritated Genie,” drew national attention in 2013 while he was working for the the Department of Homeland Security’s immigration customs enforcement office (ICE).

After it was revealed that Kimathi had voiced racist, antisemitic, and homophobic rhetoric, he was fired by DHS in December 2013.

He has since advocated for the extermination of Jews worldwide and suggested a “temporarily racial unification” between black and white supremacists to carry out the genocide of Jews.

During a hearing of the Maryland General Assembly’s Ways and Means Committee Wednesday on a Holocaust education bill under consideration, Kimathi addressed lawmakers, denying the Holocaust and calling black lawmakers who might support the bill “treasonous.”

He want on to decry the “real Holocaust” of African Americans.

After his two-minute address, Dalya Attar, a Democrat who represents Maryland’s 41st District, blasted Kimathi’s comments, saying they proved the need for Holocaust education.

In 2023, Kimathi published a book entitled Jews Are the Problem, and appeared on white supremacist programs to promote his ideas.