Canada’s parliament to vote on bill recognizing Palestinian statehood, sanctioning Israeli settlers

Ruling Liberal Party split ahead of vote on bill to recognize Palestinian statehood.

By World Israel News Staff

The Canadian parliament is set to vote Monday on a controversial bill to recognize Palestinian statehood and condemn “extremist” Israeli settlers living in Judea and Samaria.

The bill, a non-binding resolution, would not force any policy changes on the Canadian government if passed, but would mark a symbolic victory for pro-Palestinian elements in Canada’s parliament, and could create political problems for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose Liberal Party is sharply divided over the measure.

If passed, the motion would call on the government to “officially recognize the State of Palestine and maintain Canada’s recognition of Israel’s right to exist and to live in peace with its neighbours.”

The measure also calls on Ottawa to “advocate for an end to the decades-long occupation of Palestinian territories and work toward a two-state solution,” and to “ban extremist settlers from Canada, impose sanctions on Israeli officials who incite genocide, and maintain sanctions on Hamas leaders,” while also demanding the Canadian government to recognize Palestinian statehood and “suspend all trade in military goods and technology with Israel and increase efforts to stop the illegal trade of arms, including to Hamas.”

The resolution was drafted by the left-wing New Democratic Party, and is sponsored by the NDP’s chairman, MP Jagmeet Singh.

“Justin Trudeau could take bold steps for peace and justice, but he doesn’t have the courage. That’s why we brought a motion to force the Liberal government to finally help end this bloodshed,” Singh said in a statement.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) condemned the bill Sunday, slamming its support for unilateral Palestinian statehood “without any negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and without removing Hamas from power in Gaza.”

“This motion will not bring peace and stability now, not for Israel and not for the Palestinians,” the CIJA told Canadian lawmakers.

“The NDP’s motion is inconsistent with these values and poses a direct threat to Canada’s longstanding foreign policy.”