CNN thinks cars kill people, NY Times knows it’s their drivers, but neither believes it’s terrorists

CNN reported “car rams people” while NYT said it was a “driver.”

By World Israel News Staff

In their coverage of Friday’s deadly car-ramming attack in Jerusalem, both CNN and The New York Times stopped short of referring to the attacker as a terrorist.

CNN chose to run a headline that read, “car rams people at Jerusalem bus stop,” thereby removing any agency from the driver. The article did not make any mention of the word terrorist, except for when it cited an Israeli official.

The New York Times fared slightly better by at least mentioning that the attack was caused by a human, and not a vehicle, but failed to mention that the human was a terrorist. The NYT headline read, “At least two dead as driver rams bus stop in east Jerusalem.”

Friday’s attack, in which 31-year-old eastern Jerusalem resident Hossein Karaka plowed his car into a group of pedestrians at a bus stop near the Ramot neighborhood, killed Asher Menachem Fali, 8, his younger brother Yaakov Yisrael, 6, and Shlomo Lederman, a 20-year-old yeshiva student.