Alex Jones accuses Israel of ‘mass genocide,’ mocks Orthodox rabbi over Purim costume, drinking ‘Christian blood’

‘Israel has lost the high ground,’ says InfoWars host, amid dust-up with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

By David Rosenberg, World Israel News

Conspiracy theorist and InfoWars owner Alex Jones claimed Israel is conducting “mass genocide” in the Gaza Strip, saying the Jewish state has “lost the high ground.”

In a post to X/Twitter last Thursday, Jones accused the IDF of “random killing of civilians,” saying Israel is “committing suicide.”

“Israel has lost the high ground,” Jones tweeted. “This is not war. It is robotic mass genocide. Section 1091 of Title 18, United States Code, prohibits genocide whether committed in time of peace or time of war. Genocide is defined in § 1091 and includes violent attacks with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group.”

“If you support Israel you should not support the random killing of civilians. Israel is committing suicide with actions like this. Use your Fucking brain! I do not support the Oct 7th attacks. At the same time I do not support killing random civilians. Kill the leaders of Hamas not unarmed people.”

“All over Israeli tv they are calling for this! I am not anti Israel but this is out of control. It must stop now!”

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Jones included a link to another tweet, posted by computer engineer and anti-Israel social media user Furkan Gözükara, which included footage from an IDF drone strike that killed four men in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.

While Al Jazeera has claimed that the men seen in the video “were unarmed and posed no threat,” an IDF spokesperson said the four were in “an active combat zone in Khan Yunis that underwent significant civilian evacuation.”

“Furthermore, IDF troops have experienced many encounters with terrorists in that area, who move throughout the area disguised in civilian clothing, accessing weaponry hidden within civilian infrastructure.”

Nevertheless, the spokesperson added, the Israeli military opened an investigation into the incident.

Days after his comment, Jones slammed Rabbi Shmuley Boteach – an American-Jewish author and pro-Israel stalwart – after Boteach mocked conservative pundit Candace Owens.

During the Purim festival Sunday, Rabbi Boteach posted a photograph of himself wore a costume for the holiday combining multiple antisemitic stereotypes and canards, carrying with him a red plastic cup of “Christian blood,” alluding to a recent tweet linked by Candace Owens accusing Boteach of being “drunk on Christian blood.”

Rabbi Boteach referenced Owens in his own tweet, saying he had dressed up as “a Candace Owens Jew.”

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“Rabbi Shmuley Boteach dresses as a ‘Candace Owens Jew’ for Purim and pretends to sip on Christian blood after conservative commentator left The Daily Wire following clashes with Ben Shapiro over Israel Hamas war,” Rabbi Boteach tweeted.

Owens, who recently split from the Daily Wire, has been under fire for her defense of Kanye West during his own antisemitism controversy, as well as over her own recent comments on Jews, including claims of a Jewish Hollywood “gang” which is “doing horrific things – murdering people, controlling people with blackmail.”

The 34-year-old social media figure also accused Rabbi Boteach of threatening her.

“When that Kanye situation went down, I was being threatened by a person named Rabbi Shmuley, a person that Michael Jackson put on his enemy list.”

Jones commented on Rabbi Boteach’s Purim parody, saying the rabbi had suffered “a nervous breakdown.”

“You have clearly had a nervous breakdown. You go around starting fights will people and then flip out when they respond. For the sake of your family seek help.”

“This guy is a microcosm of what Israel is doing to its self. Total self destruction.”

Owens responded to Jones’ post, calling Rabbi Boteach’s daughter a “hag.”

“He and his hag daughter need to check into rehab. Israeli intelligence should intervene as he’s effectively an anti-Israel campaign at this point. Sad! I hope they get the help they need!”

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Jones, Rabbi Boteach told World Israel News, is “America’s foremost nutcase, who had the temerity to actually say that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged with bereaved parents serving as actors.”

“I asked him publicly how he could even afford an iPhone after his $1.5 billion judgment. I told him he was too much of a coward to debate me on Israel and his false blood libel about Israeli genocide. I told him I would go on his show anytime and anyplace so long as we got equal time. Now he seems to have agreed, and we’ll see if he actually puts me on.”

This is not the first time Jones has publicly criticized Israel or accused the Jewish state of war crimes.

A day after 9/11, Jones claimed that “Israel is going to get us nuked.”

“Israel calls the Palestinians ‘goyim’ or ‘cattle’ or ‘dogs’ or ‘subhuman.’ They keep them on concentration camps.”

“Our children are going to die, we are going to get nuked because of this. Iran’s got the nukes now, Syria. We’re gonna have nuclear war because Israel likes to go around bombing everybody. I’m sorry, it’s just the facts.”