‘Critical for Lebanon, Gaza wars’ – Gallant makes urgent trip Washington

The IDF is ready for “any action that may be required in Gaza, Lebanon” and other arenas, says Defense Minister Gallant.

By World Israel News Staff

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant departed for Washington D.C. on Sunday morning, where he will meet with senior American officials and secure support for the continuation of Israel’s war in Gaza against the Hamas terror group and a possible expansion of hostilities with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

While in Washington, Gallant is expected to hold discussions with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

He is also slated to meet U.S. Special Envoy to the Middle East Amos Hochstein, who recently visited Jerusalem and Beirut in an unsuccessful attempt to broker a diplomatic agreement that would end fighting between Hezbollah and the IDF in northern Israel.

“The relationship with the U.S. is more important than ever,” Gallant said in a video posted to his social media accounts.

“The meetings with the senior government officials are critical for the future of the war,” he stressed.

“During these meetings I plan to discuss developments in Gaza and Lebanon.”

Gallant added that the IDF is currently in a high level of operational readiness and “are prepared for any action that may be required in Gaza, Lebanon, and in additional areas.”

According to media reports, the U.S. has singled to Beirut that it will support a “limited” Israeli strike against Hezbollah on Lebanese soil, albeit without putting American troops on the ground.

Gallant emphasizes that he will also discuss post-war governance of the Gaza Strip with representatives from the Biden administration.

“The transition to ‘Phase 3’ in Gaza is of great importance. I will discuss this transition with American officials…and I know that we will achieve close cooperation with the U.S. on this issue as well,” he added.

Gallant’s trip comes days after a public spat between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the White House, regarding delayed arms shipments to Israel.

While the Biden administration claimed that only one shipment has been held up, Netanyahu maintained that the U.S. is stalling on delivering critical arms needed to win the ongoing war.