Czech Defense Minister warns of Holocaust resurgence, calls U.N. a ‘hammer against Israel’

Jana Černochová urged the Czech Republic to leave the UN following their failure to condemn Hamas and says the organization in anti-Semitic.

By Mindy Rubenstein, World Israel News

Czech Defense Minister Jana Černochová has asked her country to withdraw from the United Nations in protest of the organization’s failure to condemn Hamas.

A UN General Assembly resolution called for a ceasefire in the Gaza War without explicitly condemning the actions of the Hamas terror group. Černochová warned that, “The Holocaust is back, and we must not be silent again.”

She added, “The Czech Republic has nothing to expect from an organization that supports terrorists and fails to respect the basic right to self-defense. Let’s get out.”

In a recent UN General Assembly vote, 120 member states supported a ceasefire for the Gaza conflict, with only 14, including the Czech Republic, opposing the resolution. It focused on the situation in Gaza and did not explicitly address the 224 hostages held by Hamas.

“I often wondered – How could the world not believe in the horrors of the concentration camps and why did it take so long before someone freed the survivors at the end of the war?” Černochová asked. “Apparently, a part of society wanted to get rid of the Jews. Antisemitism has spread deeply throughout the world, including the United Nations.”

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The Czech Foreign Ministry also issued a statement. Among the grievances listed were the lack of a Hamas condemnation, the absence of a demand for the release of hostages, and the failure to mention Israel’s right to self-defense.

“It’s an absurd world. And it is completely incomprehensible to me that no one is calling for a fundamental reform of the organization, which long ago turned from a peacemaker into a hammer against Israel,” Černochová said.