Ehud Barak would be ‘hanged for treason’ in other countries over calls for civil disobedience, says MK

“Human waste like him should have been behind bars a long time ago,” says MK, noting Barak’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

Likud MK Nissim Vaturi slammed former prime minister and prominent left-wing activist Ehud Barak on Sunday morning, saying that the one-time premier was guilty of betraying the country.

Referring to Barak, Vaturi told Radio North 104.5 FM that “such a person would be considered a candidate for hanging in other countries, but because Israel is a democracy, a prison sentence of at least 20 years [would be appropriate.]”

Vaturi stressed that “a person like him should be behind bars, and I will file a police complaint against him.”

Shortly after the interview, Vaturi doubled-down on his remarks on Twitter, writing that “when he met 30 times with a pedophile in a place where dozens of minors were harmed, he thought he was not being seen. Now he openly calls for fratricidal war, a coup d’état and violence. Human waste like him should have been behind bars a long time ago.”

Barak was a close associate of Jeffrey Epstein, and has not been transparent about his financial ties to the disgraced financier.

He also admitted to visiting Epstein’s home and private Caribbean island on multiple occasions, including after Epstein was convicted of soliciting a minor for prostitution in 2008, though he has denied witnessing any sexual abuse.

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A vocal opponent to judicial reform, Barak has encouraged large protests aimed at bringing down the current right-wing ruling coalition.

On Saturday evening at an anti-government protest, Barak called for a resumption of mass demonstrations that the Jewish state brought to a virtual standstill.

As part of a likely illegal strike called by Israel’s largest labor union in March 2023, hospitals, businesses, and schools were shut down throughout Israel, along with major highways and thoroughfares blocked by protesters for hours.

“I call on the citizens of Israel to prepare to act, and when the call comes, to respond to it. We will fight, and we won’t be afraid of anyone or anything,” Barak said.