‘Good throw!’ 10-year-old pelts target with water balloon – but it wasn’t who they thought it was

“Everybody thought that was Pence,” Nassau County executive Blakeman said. “That was me that got hit.”

By World Israel News Staff

A 10-year-old girl with a great arm landed an invitation to the Yankees game on Tuesday, where she had the chance to further demonstrate her talent.

At this year’s July Fourth parade, fifth-grader Alexa Cardona, who has been playing softball for two years, slammed Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman in the back of the head with a water balloon. With perfect aim, she hit her target, although it apparently was not who she thought it was.

From behind, Blakeman resembles former vice-president Mike Pence. Video of the incident went viral, as so many viewers mistakenly believed it was him.

According to Fox News Digital, Yankees center fielder Harrison Bader, who saw the clip, asked Blakeman, “That was you?”

“Everybody thought that was Pence,” Blakeman said. “That was me that got hit.”

Bader erupted in laughter, concurring that Blakeman took the hit “like a man.”

Blakeman told Fox News Digital that he showed the video to Yankees President Randy Levine, who agreed to host Cardona and her family at the game against the Tampa Bay Rays this past Tuesday.

“Good throw,” Bader told Cardona, giving her a high-five on the field Tuesday. “Where’d you learn that? You play softball? Very impressive.”

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Yankees hitting coach Sean Casey, who spent the past 15 baseball seasons as an MLB studio analyst, joked that Cardona should be recruited to the team in pinstripes, the report said.

Commending Cardona on her “good throw,” he proceeded to autograph baseballs for the girl and her sister.

“Sign her up,” Blakeman laughed.