Families of 4 female hostages reveal photos of bloodied, beaten faces, plea for their release

A social worker reported that some girls were left in isolation for 50 days or more, others were sexually assaulted at gunpoint and had limbs amputated. 

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

The parents of the four youngest females taken by Hamas on October 7 made a public plea for awareness of their plight and released shocking photos taken shortly after their captivity to urge immediate action to secure their release.

The parents of Liri Albag (18 from Moshav Yarhiv), Karina Ariev (19 from Jerusalem), Daniela Gilboa (19 from Petach Tikva) and Agam Berger (19 from Holon) spoke to the UK’s Daily Mail and revealed beaten and bloody photos of their daughters taken just hours after they were kidnapped to Gaza.

In the video released by Hamas, the four young women were lined up against the wall with their hands tied behind them.

The faces of some of them looked as if they had been beaten and were caked with blood.

After Hamas rejected the most recent hostage release agreement, families of hostages feel that time is running out for their loved ones in captivity.

Meanwhile, details are emerging from testimonies of freed hostages that the remaining captives have had limbs amputated and have been raped at gunpoint.

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“Imagine if it was your daughter, your little girl in their hands,” Daniela’s mother Orly, 38, said. “What would you imagine?”

Liri’s father Eli, 54, said, “Think for one day that you don’t have connection with your daughter and you know they are in the hands of bad people.”

He added, “Then tell me what you would say after 90 days. This is killing us. Every minute is like an hour.”

The mother Daniela Gilboa, who had the ambition to become a singer said, “We understood exactly what they did on October 7.”

She added, “If they are capable of this, what are they are doing for 90 days? I don’t want to imagine what is going on.”

Liri Albag, who dreamed of traveling the world, is trapped in Gaza. Her mother Shira Albag, 51, an account manager discussed how the parents are supporting each other.

“We cry together a lot. We speak a lot, we understand each other,” Shira said.

The father of talented violinist Agam Berger, Shlomi said, “We heard about the sexual abuses. As a father, I can’t imagine these things. The family’s torn apart.”

Karina’s sister Sasha, 24 spoke of her mother’s grief, “It’s misery, it’s helpless.”

She added, “My mother’s in a terrible situation, she doesn’t know what to do.”

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Released hostage Chen Goldstein-Almog, 49, reports having contact with some of the remaining four girls while she was a captive.

“Some of them are close in age to my daughters and I hugged them so hard,” Chen said.

A social worker who treated released female captives discussed the conditions they suffered and what they reported witnessing among other hostages.

The social worker reported that some girls were left in isolation for 50 days, others were sexually assaulted by gunpoint and had limbs amputated.

Chen Golstein-Almog said, “They are strong and haven’t lost hope. But they were on the edge five weeks ago when we separated from them. They need to be released. They cannot be there for one more day.”