Federal investigation launched into anti-Jewish, pro-Hamas invective at high school basketball game

US Department of Education opens probe of New York public school over antisemitic slurs and pro-Hamas rhetoric at basketball game.

By World Israel News Staff

The federal government has launched an investigation into allegations of discrimination stemming from a high school basketball game earlier this year.

In January, varsity female players from Leffell, a private Jewish high school in Hartsdale, New York, had to leave a basketball game after facing repeated antisemitic harassment from members of the home Yonkers team.

Players from the Roosevelt High School team reportedly cursed the Jewish players, referencing the Hamas terror organization and the October 7th massacre.

“I support Hamas, you f–king Jew,” one Roosevelt High player reportedly said.

In addition, throughout the game, Yonkers team members were quoted as repeatedly chanting “Free Palestine” and made overtly antisemitic remarks at the opposing team.

Players for Roosevelt High were also said to have targeted the Leffell players physically, leaving several from the Leffell team injured, ultimately forcing the game to be cut short.

While the Yonkers public school district said it has already taken action following January’s incident, the U.S. Department of Education launched an investigation Monday into a possible Title VI violation.

The complaint was filed by Justin Samuels, a screenwriter and conservative activist who told The Jewish Telegraphic Agency that the incident “is the definition of racism. There should have been no mention of the war at this game.”

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The school district has said that it has fired the coach of the team in question and disciplined one player.

The mayor of Yonkers condemned the incident, calling it “abhorrent, inappropriate, and not in line with the values we set forth for our young people.”

Dozens of federal civil rights-related investigations have been launched in connection with harassment and discrimination following the October 7th massacres in Israel and the subsequent targeting of Jews on school campuses across the country.