Palestinian activists in NY attack Jews with fireworks, one person burned

Anti-Israel activists attack Jews in Manhattan as Palestinian-inspired anti-Semitic violence in America escalates.

By World Israel News Staff

At least one person was burned when pro-Palestinian activists threw fireworks at Jewish pedestrians in central Manhattan, shortly after a ceasefire was announced between Israel and terrorist groups in Gaza, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) reported.

Numerous incidents of violence against Jews were reported, with one video on social media showing the large firework exploding on the sidewalk beside a group of Jewish pedestrians.

Two commercial fireworks were thrown from a car that resulted in one person getting burned, the New York Police Department told the JTA, adding that the NYPD police force’s Arson Investigation Squad and a detective squad are investigating the incident.

Former NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind tweeted a video of another incident showing pro-Palestinian men in cars being blocked by New York City police officers as they threatened to attack people on the street.

“Palestinian harassment fleet drives by Jews in Manhattan, threatening violence while screaming anti-Semitic slurs,” Hikind tweeted.

“I woke up to news of cease fire in Israel, but scenes of the most sickening violence against Jews in New York City,” tweeted human rights lawyer Arsen Ostrovsky. “Where is the Police? Where is the political leadership? Where are all the civil society and interfaith groups with whom Jews have proudly stood side-by-side?”

In a second video uploaded by Hikind, pro-Palestinian activists carrying Palestinian flags approached some orthodox Jews standing beside a police barricade. Then, unprovoked, one of the activists struck one of the Jewish men in the head and ran away. A police officer standing beside the group pursued the attacker, but it is not known if the assailant was apprehended.

“The Hate Crime Task Force is investigating a gang assault of a Jewish man in Times Square that happened this evening,” the New York Police Department tweeted, asking for witnesses to come forward.

The Anti-Defamation League reported a surge in anti-Semitism in the United States both online and on the ground during the Gaza conflict, with 193 new anti-Semitic incidents in the week since the conflict began, compared to 131 the previous week.

Earlier this week, a gang of about 30 pro-Palestinian supporters drove up to a restaurant in Los Angeles and yelled “Who’s Jewish” before proceeding to beat some of the patrons. The LA Police Department called it a “hate crime.”

Attacks on Jews and Israel-supporters have also been reported this week in Seattle, Washington, Albuquerque, Florida, Toronto and Montreal. The anti-Semitic violence is also plaguing Europe, where a video showed several cars with pro-Palestinian men driving through London, last weekend shouting “F*** the Jews … rape their daughters.

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