Flammable kites from Gaza border reach Judea and Samaria

“Fire kites” launched by Palestinian terrorists at Gaza’s border with Israel have now reached the Judea and Samaria region.

By: Yona Schnitzer/TPS and World Israel News Staff

A “kite bomb” similar to burning kites sent over the Gaza border in recent weeks reached a central junction in the Binyamin Regional Council, a military source confirmed to Tazpit Press Service (TPS) on Tuesday afternoon. The source said that the kite was taken by the military for further investigation and that no damage had been caused.

In recent weeks, Palestinians on the Gaza border have been sending kite bombs into Israel on an almost daily basis, causing hundreds of thousands of shekels of damage to crops. The kite, armed either with fire bombs or simply doused in flammable material and set on fire, were first employed during the weekly “March of Return” demonstrations on the Gaza border, causing significant ecological and economic damage.

Israel’s Air Force on Saturday night retaliated by bombing a Hamas position in Gaza, adjacent to the border with Israel, from where “fire kites” were being launched.

The IAF strike was in response to “terrorists launching burning incendiaries in an attempt to a cause fire in Israeli territory,” the IDF said.