Gaza terrorist confesses to raping then murdering Israeli woman

Islamic Jihad terrorist tells interrogators his terror cell raped and murdered an Israeli woman during October 7th massacres.

By World Israel News Staff

A Gaza terrorist captured by Israeli forces after the October 7th invasion admitted to interrogators that his terror cell raped then murdered an Israeli woman during the invasion, Kan reported.

The terrorist, a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, was captured by Israeli forces operating in Gaza, after he returned to the coastal enclave after the October 7th invasion.

According to the report, the terrorist described in detail to his interrogators how the woman was raped and then murdered. The details even enabled Israeli authorities to identify the female victim.

Avishai Grinzaig, the author of the report, claimed that Israeli authorities have accumulated a large body of evidence, including testimonies by victims and perpetrators, proving the systematic use of sexual violence and other atrocities during the October 7th invasion, but has yet to release the information.

“With all due respect to the daily publications about tunnel shafts and weapons – Israel must present to the world the confessions of the terrorists that they committed sex crimes as part of the October 7 massacre<” Grinzaig wrote.