Hamas offers to swap 87 hostages in exchange for women, teen terrorists and 5-day ceasefire – report

The news follows a statement last week by US official about a possible swap of 80 Israeli women and children for jailed female and teenage Palestinian terrorists.

By World Israel News Staff

An Arab source with connections to Hamas said late on Saturday that Hamas was ready to release 87 of the 240 Israeli hostages in exchange for female and teen terrorists jailed in Israel along with security prisoners, fuel, and a 5-day ceasefire.

In return for the convicted women and teenage terrorists and an unspecified number of prisoners, Hamas said it would release 40 Israeli women, 13 children, and 35 foreign hostages.

There have been rumors of a hostage swap taking place in the coming days but with different numbers and terms.

Last eek, a Biden Administration official issued a statement about a possible swap of 80 Israeli women and children for female and teenage Palestinian prisoners.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to news of this swap last week by saying, “We heard that there was an impending deal of this kind or of that kind and then we learned that it was all hokum. But the minute we started the ground operation that began to change.”

“Military pressure,” Netanyahu went on, “is the one thing that might create a deal, and if a deal is available, well, we will talk about it when it’s there. We’ll announce it if it’s achievable.”

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Since the Israel-Hamas war began on October 7th, the IDF has managed to free one hostage–Pvt. Ori Megidish, 19, on Oct. 30, three weeks after she was kidnapped from the Nahal Oz base.

Hamas released a mother and daughter with dual Israel and American citizenship on Oct. 20 and two elderly women on Oct. 23.