Hamas terrorists are still inside Israel, IDF warns

IDF spokesperson says alerts sounded for suspected Hezbollah air-infiltrations were false alarm – but adds Hamas still has terrorists inside Israel.

By World Israel News Staff

A number of Hamas terrorists who entered Israel during or immediately after the breach of the security fence separating Israel from the Gaza Strip on October 7th are still in the country, Israel’s top military spokesperson said Wednesday.

In a statement Wednesday evening, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said that while there have been no known infiltrations Wednesday into Israel from Gaza via the border, there have been a number of engagements with terrorists who entered the country before the IDF restored control over the border.

“The Gaza frontier area is still considered a war zone,” said Hagari. “IDF forces are deployed all over the towns in the area. We estimate that there are still terrorists in the area.”

While Israeli control over the border itself has been restored, Hagari acknowledged that terrorists are still infiltrating into Israel by sea, referencing a landing Wednesday by five Gaza terrorists at the Zikim beach, northeast of the Gaza Strip.

“There was one major unusual incident at the Zikim beach with five terrorists, three of whom were eliminated. The incident is still ongoing. The public must know that the IDF has a high-level of capability to act on every battle scene.”

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Earlier on Wednesday, the IDF’s Home Front Command issued alerts across districts spanning much of the country, warning of terrorist attacks, including airborne infiltrations from Lebanon.

Hagari said that the alerts were the result of a malfunction, and that there is no alert in place regarding such an infiltration.

“There is no security situation in the northern district, and there were no launches from Lebanon. There was a malfunction which were are investigating with the Home Front Command. I want to calm the public.”