Hamas threatens to kill hostages, demands stop to Gaza airstrikes

An Israeli captive will be executed each time that Israel bombs without prior warning, says Hamas spokesman.

By World Israel News Staff

The Hamas terror group threatened that it will begin executing Israeli soldiers and civilians currently held hostage in the Gaza Strip, unless the Israeli Air Force ceases airstrikes on the coastal enclave.

Reports indicated that executions would be broadcast live on social media.

Hamas spokesman Abu Obaida announced on Monday evening that moving forward, an Israeli captive would be killed each time that Israel bombs a home in the Strip without prior warning.

However, the IAF appeared to dismiss Abu Obaida’s warning, continuing a heavy bombing campaign of the territory.

IDF spokesperson Lt Col. Jonathan Conricus told CNN that the Israeli army is gearing up to end Hamas rule over the Strip.

“What happens on the way and how we implement that task will be seen. But at this stage, we continue to strike from the air. And there are plans to, of course, expand that,” he said.

“The troops, the reserves, and the regular units that are amassing along the southern border are readying for their tasks.”

According to Hebrew-language media reports, Hamas is holding approximately 130 captives in Gaza.

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Among them are Israelis and foreign nationals, including hostages said to hold American, British, French, German, Argentinian, Russian, Mexican, Nepalese, and Thai citizenship.

While some Arabic-language news channels reported that Hamas and Israel are engaging in negotiations for the release of female hostages, Israeli authorities flatly denied that claim.

Qatar’s Foreign Ministry told Reuters that it was actively working with the U.S. to broker a ceasefire agreement.

“We are in constant contact with all sides at the moment. Our priorities are to end the bloodshed, release the prisoners and make sure the conflict is contained with no regional spillover,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Majed Al-Ansari told Reuters.

In a televised statement on Monday evening, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israelis should be prepared for an extended conflict.

“This enemy wanted war, and this is what they will get,” Netanyahu said, adding that “difficult days are still ahead of us.”