‘Hamas used my family as human shields’ – Gazan journalist

Hamas “began destroying my family home in 2013 when they built tunnels beneath it,” writes U.S.-based Gazan journalist.

By World Israel News Staff

A journalist from the Gaza Strip slammed Hamas in a lengthy post on social media platform X on Tuesday, stating that the terror group had used his family as human shields and ruined the lives of residents of the coastal enclave.

“Hamas terrorists used my family and hundreds of our neighbors as human shields. Hamas continues to hold the people of Gaza captive,” tweeted Jehad Saftawi, linking to a recent opinion piece he penned for Time Magazine.

In that article, Saftawi, who now lives in the U.S., bemoaned the transformation of Gaza under the oppressive rule of Hamas terrorists.

“Since Hamas’s violent takeover of Gaza in 2007, the bustling and beautiful streets I knew have been dominated by terrorist chaos. Hamas is driven by an ideological stand originating in the concept of annihilating the state of Israel and replacing it with an Islamic Palestinian one,” he wrote.

“In striving to make this a reality, Hamas has continued to normalize violence and militarization in every aspect of public and private life in Gaza. They have in the process obliterated the chances of a successful Palestinian state alongside Israel,” he continued.

Saftawi recounted that he had caught masked Hamas operatives building a tunnel underneath his family home in 2013. Though he confronted the men and demanded that they stop construction, they refused, telling him they were creating an underground storage space for weapon stockpiles.

During the Swords of Iron War, Saftawi’s family fled the area and later received photos showing the home in ruins.

“I may never know if the house was destroyed by Israeli strikes or fighting between Hamas and Israel. But the result is the same,” he continued.

He placed the blame squarely on Hamas, for placing a military asset directly under the house.

“This is the legacy of Hamas,” he wrote. “They began destroying my family home in 2013 when they built tunnels beneath it.”