Hezbollah declares emergency, fears surprise Israeli attack

Hezbollah put its forces on high alert claiming Israel is planning a surprise attack with the support of the United States, reported a Pan-Arab news site.

By: Yona Schnitzer/TPS

Hezbollah has declared “emergency preparedness” and put its forces on high alert after obtaining intelligence that Israel is planning a surprise attack with the support of the United States, the London-based Pan-Arab news website Rai Al-Youm reported Thursday.

The website quoted sources within Hezbollah as saying that “the state of emergency was announced following intelligence that the IDF is carrying out secret maneuvers alongside joint-maneuvers with the United States within Lebanon and off its coast.”

Hezbollah’s assessment is that Israel recently received the green light from the United States to attack in Lebanon, and that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was successful in convincing the Americans to take part in a “swift surprise attack” against the organization. According to the report, the lack of such approval was the only thing stopping Israel from attacking up until now. The report also mentioned that such an attack would lead to a severe response from Hezbollah.

Israel and the US are holding a joint military training exercise this week titled Juniper Cobra. As part of the exercise, the USS Mount Whitney Navy command ship docked at the port of Haifa on Thursday. The ship has a crew of roughly 500 sailors and officers.

“The Americans taking part in the training exercise emphasizes their commitment to strategic ties between the IDF and the United States, and is part of the joint efforts made to ensure stability and security in the region,” the IDF said.

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