Hezbollah fires missiles at northern Israel, IDF responds with airstrikes in Lebanon

Hezbollah reportedly warns UN force and Lebanese army to leave southern Lebanon amid rapid escalation on Israeli border.

By David Rosenberg, World Israel News

Residents of Israeli towns across the northern frontier were urged to remain close to shelter Wednesday morning, amid a string of attacks by Hezbollah terrorists operating in southern Lebanon.

Multiple projectiles, including at least two anti-tank missiles, were fired from southern Lebanon towards northern Israel.

The two missiles were fired at an army position near the Arab-Israeli community of Arab al-Aramshe.

According to Arabic media reports, two IDF armored personnel carriers were destroyed in the missile attacks. There are no details regarding casualties.

After the missile launches, additional warning sirens were sounded in Arab al-Aramshe.

Israeli forces struck back at Hezbollah forces in southern Lebanon late Wednesday morning and early afternoon with airstrikes and artillery fire.

Hezbollah has warned UNIFIL – the United Nations force deployed to police the Israel-Lebanon border – and the Lebanese army to evacuate all forces from southern Lebanon immediately, the Hezbollah mouthpiece Al Mayadeen reported.

Multiple rocket, missile, and mortar attacks have been reported from southern Lebanon since Hamas launched its invasion of southern Israel Saturday morning, with at least one rocket attack reported from Syrian territory.

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At least one confirmed terrorist infiltration has taken place on the Lebanon border, with the cell eliminated by IDF soldiers.

The death toll in Israel from the ongoing war topped 1,200 Wednesday, with some 2,900 people injured.

Over 260 bodies have been recovered from the Super Nova music festival which took place outside the town of Re’im, some five miles from the Gaza border, with over 100 more Israeli civilians found dead in Be’eri and more than 100 recovered in Kfar Aza – including some 40 babies and young children, many of whom were decapitated.