Hunter Biden’s laptop ‘national security nightmare’ protected by this absurd password

It is unprecedented for a laptop containing “classic blackmail material” to be left unencrypted or without two-factor authentication at a minimum.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

The laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden at a Delaware computer repair shop contained “staggering” amounts of highly sensitive information, protected only by the password “Hunter02.”

According to IT security experts who spoke to The Daily Mail, it is unprecedented for a laptop containing “classic blackmail material” and the potential to create a “national security nightmare” to be left unencrypted or without two-factor authentication at a minimum.

Some of the material found on the laptop contains the names and cell phone numbers of Joe Biden’s Secret Service agents as well as contact information, including the personal email addresses and cell phone numbers, for Joe Biden, nearly every cabinet member during the Obama administration, and other prominent Democrats.

The laptop also contains photos of Hunter Biden’s social security card, passport, driver’s license and credit cards, alongside photos of him shirtless and using drugs.

“It’s a data breach and dangerous to have this type of material floating around,” said a former adviser to British Foreign Secretaries on laptop security.

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“For someone prominent, there is not only a risk of great reputational damage but also a risk of blackmail should the material fall into the wrong hands.”

Another IT expert told The Daily Mail, “This is all a flagrant breach of security.”

“If a hostile state or individual had managed to hack into Hunter’s computer – and it wouldn’t have been difficult, considering the lack of security on it – they would have easily found out who was guarding the vice-president and potentially been able to threaten family members of those Secret Service members.”

In April 2019, Hunter Biden took the water-damaged laptop to a repair shop in Delaware. The shop’s owner, John Paul MacIsaac, said he informed Biden that he’d need to copy the contents of the laptop onto an external hard drive in order to recover them, and that Biden didn’t object.

After a few days, he reached out to Biden with a bill for $85, but Biden never paid or returned to the shop to collect the laptop.

In Delaware, a laptop abandoned at a repair shop by its owner becomes the shop’s property after 90 days.

MacIsaac looked through the contents of the laptop and called the FBI, who took possession of the laptop in December 2019.

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