Husband of woman murdered in terror attack: The answer is ‘more light, more life’

Manhunt continues for killers of Esther Horgan. Husband: “She was full of life, light and love – and all this was cut short in an instant.”

By World Israel News Staff

The husband of the Israeli mother of six brutally murdered in a suspected Palestinian terror attack tearfully mourned his wife Monday, saying the answer to her death was to work to bring more life and creation.

Through his tears, Benjamin Horgan asked rhetorically “Who can do such an act?” after the body of his wife Esther, 52, was found in a woodland near their community of ​​Tal Menashe where she had gone for a run Sunday and not returned. Her death was apparently caused by a large rock striking her head.

“All of us in the locality, in the town council, all the people of Israel, must give the appropriate and Zionist answer to acts of destruction and killing by more light, more life, more construction, more creation, more action on the ground – for our children and all the people of Israel,” Horgan told Israel Hayom.

“Esther went out yesterday, as she used to, to walk in nature, which she loved so much here in the vicinity of the settlement – nothing adventurous, we’re talking about a walking path like there is in any normal place in the country – but she didn’t return.”

Horgan said his wife was “so full of life and light and love for everyone – and it was all cut short in an instant. It can’t be described in words.”

“Esther raised a family for the glory and love of the grandchildren. Now they will have neither mother nor grandmother,” he said.

The head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, called on the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to respond to the terror attack by immediately approving the construction of 107 housing units that would double the area of ​​Tal Menashe.

“When we see people standing in front of us who choose darkness, the State of Israel should choose light,” Dagan said. Doubling the size of Horgan’s community “is an appropriate Zionist answer, and this is what will lower the motivation of terrorism.”

“We will build the Land of Israel on the noses and wrath of the terrorists. They will not defeat us,” Dagan said.

Maurice Hirsch, director of Legal Strategies at Palestinian Media Watch, a watchdog group that monitors what the Palestinians say in Arabic, tweeted that last week the Palestinian Authority praised jailed Palestinian terrorist Muhammad Daoud as a “hero” for his murder in 1987 of a pregnant Israeli mother of four, Ofra Moses, and her five-year-old son, Tal, by burning them alive when he threw a Molotov cocktail into their car.

“For this disgusting creature, the PA has already paid a cash prize of more than 1.5 million shekels ($460,000) and at least an additional 12,000 shekels is added every month” under the Palestinian’s pay-for-slay policy, Hirsch said, warning that “if Esther Horgan’s murderer is arrested, he too will gain fame and get rich.”

Horgan’s funeral is scheduled to take place Tuesday morning.