IDF drone knocks out 40 Palestinian terror kites

The IDF introduced its solution to Hamas’ kite-arson terror attacks.

By: World Israel News Staff

The IDF has recently begun deploying small drones to combat Hamas’ use of fire kites, which carry fiery objects to commit arson terror attacks in Israel’s south.

Israel’s Walla news reported Saturday that the IDF deployed a small UAV during Friday’s riots which cut down some 40 kites which the Palestinians deployed.

Prior to Friday’s success, the drone was tested a few times and was improved up to its full deployment.

In recent weeks, Palestinian terrorists have sent incendiary kites and helium balloons attached to Molotov cocktails over the border into Israeli fields in the south, causing dozens of fires that have destroyed hundreds of acres of woods and farmland and have ruined produce worth millions of shekels.

The use of incendiary balloons and fire kites is growing in popularity among Palestinian saboteurs.

Palestinians in Gaza have been using “fire kites” in recent weeks as part of the larger “March of Return” protests that began on March 30.

The violent Friday rallies have been orchestrated by Hamas, which controls Gaza, as part of an effort to “liberate Palestine.” Rioters have burned tires, thrown explosive devices and attempted to damage the security fence in order to infiltrate Israel.

Friday’s violence represented the seventh consecutive week of riots and included some 15,000 Palestinians who hurled pipe bombs, rocks and grenades at IDF forces stationed on the border. The rioters also sabotaged security infrastructure and burned tires

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IDF troops responded with riot-dispersal measures and used live fire in accordance with the rules of engagement when threatened.

“The IDF will continue operating to protect Israeli citizens,” the IDF stated.

These latest events occurred amid the daily violence on the Israel-Gaza border, orchestrated by Hamas, the Islamic terror group that rules the Strip and calls for Israel’s destruction.

The “March of Return” is set to culminate with “decisive” action on May 15, the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel, which the Palestinians observe as Nakba Day, meaning “Day of Catastrophe.”

Some 45 Palestinians, mostly terrorists, have been killed in the weeks-long clashes.

The IDF is making special preparations for massive riots on the border with Gaza that are expected in the coming days as Israel and the US celebrate the historic move of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.