IDF finds bombs, M-16s in Gaza hospital maternity ward

Weapons and military supplies were stashed in patients’ bedding and pillows.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli soldiers discovered massive weapons caches during a raid of the Shifa Hospital complex in Gaza City, finding explosive devices, automatic rifles, ammunition and more hidden in the medical facility.

The Nahal Brigade’s reconnaissance unit seized dozens of firearms, mortars, and other military equipment from Shifa’s maternity ward.

The items were hidden inside of patients’ pillows and bedding, as well as stashed away in the ceiling and walls, the army said in a statement.

“During one of the sweeps in the compound, the forces encountered armed terrorists and senior operatives of the Hamas terrorist organization in a stairwell,” the IDF said.

“A pursuit and exchange of fire ensued, during which the senior terrorists were eliminated.”

The slain terrorists were later identified by Hebrew-language media as Hamas operatives Fadi Dweik and Zakaria Najib.

The largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, Shifa Hospital has served as an asset for Hamas. The terror organization uses the medical complex as a command center and a critical location for weapons stockpiles.

Hagar Brodutch, an Israeli woman kidnapped from her kibbutz on Oct. 7th alongside her three children, confirmed that Hamas uses ambulances in the Strip for terror purposes.

After initially being held in a family home, she said she and her kids were wrapped in white sheets and transported to another location in the coastal enclave via an ambulance.

Once they arrived, she said, they were treated as “trophies” by the terrorists while a large mob of local Gazans applauded the kidnappers.

“The terrorists opened the car doors and pulled my hair [to display me] to the thousands of people in the streets. Then they grabbed my daughter by her shirt and showed her off to the crowd,” Brodutch told the Daily Mail.

“They were boasting that they had stolen a little Israeli girl. All the people were cheering.”