IDF finds toys stolen from Israeli towns in Gaza

Soldiers fighting in Gaza find possessions looted from Israeli towns during October 7th invasion.

By Susan Tawil, World Israel News

IDF soldiers fighting terrorists in the Gaza Strip have founded looted objects in the coastal enclave that were stolen from Israeli homes during the Hamas onslaught of October 7th.

There is ample evidence that many Gaza civilians joined in with the terrorists during the barbaric slaughter of innocent Israeli families on that fateful morning. While some participated in the brutal raping and bloodletting, other Gaza residents availed themselves of Israelis’ property by looting Jewish homes.

Videos, security footage, and eye-witness testimonies of survivors of the murderous catastrophe verify that Palestinian civilians—men, women, and children—took part in the invasion and looting.

Ten-year olds are seen pilfering bicycles, older teens are stealing motorcycles, TVs, and computers. A survivor of the Supernova music festival (at which 364 Israelis were shot, beaten, or burned to death, with at least 40 taken hostage), said that the Arabs systematically stole money, phones, and jewelry from the dead and dying concert-goers.

A kibbutz member who survived the murderous melee said she recognized some of the attackers as hired workers in the agricultural settlement.

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“They worked here, and were familiar with everything. Everything (motorized) the rabble could start and take, they took.”

At least 15 tractors and other agricultural equipment were driven off into Gaza.

During their operation in Gaza, IDF troops going house to house have found Israeli belongings looted from the decimated Jewish communities, including children’s toys and games.

Col. Tal Koritzki, commander of the IDF 5th brigade, said: “Seeing the personal property that was stolen breaks our hearts, but also heightens our resolve in our mission.” He affirmed that the goal of the IDF in routing Hamas and its supporters from Gaza is to bring security back to the citizens of Israel.