IDF General to Gaza Belt students: ‘I can’t promise you quiet’

“I can’t promise you quiet,” the IDF general told high school students during a frank talk in the Gaza Belt.

By World Israel News Staff

“I can’t promise you quiet,” IDF Brig. General Eliezer Toledano, the commander of the Gaza Division, whose area of responsibility includes the Gaza Strip, told high school students in the Sha’ar Hanegev region in the Gaza Belt on Wednesday, Ynet news reports.

“We need patience,” Toledano said.

“The last round wasn’t easy,” he noted, referring to the 500 rockets that were fired at Israel last week, “but your defense is our top priority. Good lads are doing this all along the border and also across the border.”

The students Toledano met with were organizers of the protest march two weeks ago that went from the Gaza Belt to the Knesset where they were joined by 1,000s of other students from around the country.

The students were protesting living under constant threat of bombardment by rockets, and other aerials forms of terror from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. Their message was: ‘We just want to grow up in peace and quiet.’

“We want it so you can grow up in quiet,” Toledano told the students, And we’re doing everything in our power so the enemy won’t challenge us.”

“Our biggest problem is that Hamas places our citizens in the game while we’re careful not to hurt their citizens,” he said, according to Ynet.

Last week, Toledano met students outside the same school after they went on strike from their studies in protest of the ceasefire concluded between Israel and Hamas last Tuesday, Nov. 13.

“After a full day of rocket fire, alarms without end, one dead and wounded, we aren’t prepared to remain indifferent to the situation,” the students announced during that protest, Ynet reports.

Since March 30, when Hamas launched its “March of Return,” the citizens of Israel’s south have been bombarded by rockets, arson balloons and fire kites. Sometimes the balloons and kites carry explosive devices, landing near kindergartens and homes.

Thousands of acres of farmland and nature preserves have burnt as a result of the arson terror, causing widespread destruction to plants and wildlife.

Israeli residents living under the siege have taken to the streets repeatedly in protest at what they see as the Netanyahu administration’s inaction in the face of Hamas attacks.