IDF has apprehended 3,000 terrorists across Israel since the start of war

In the latest operation, IDF forces arrested 16 terrorists and confiscated illegal material.


The IDF has reported that about 3,000 wanted persons suspected of terrorist activities have been arrested by forces of its Central Command since the beginning of the war in Gaza. The Central Command is responsible for the areas of Judea and Samaria, among other things, so the 3,000 were captured outside the Gaza Strip.

In the latest operation to capture terrorists, which lasted for more than 16 hours, hundreds of IDF reservists and special forces soldiers overnight completed a counter-terrorism operation in the village of Hussan in the Etzion Brigade, located to the south of Jerusalem by Bethlehem.

The forces arrested 13 wanted persons, interrogated dozens of other suspects and confiscated incendiary materials of terrorist organizations.

In addition, overnight, in another operation south of Jerusalem, fighters located and confiscated means for preparing explosives.

Two additional wanted persons were arrested in Kfar Jamal north of Jerusalem and in Marj Na’je located in Israel north of the Kineret (Sea of Galilee).

No casualties were reported to Israeli forces.