IDF removes PA monument to terrorist who murdered 22 children

IDF forces confiscated a monument in the PA-administered city of Jenin to Palestinian terrorist Khaled Nazzal, who carried out of one of the bloodiest attacks ever against Israeli children.

IDF forces on Thursday night entered the Palestinian Authority-administered city of Jenin in Samaria, where they dismantled a monument paying tribute to terrorist Khaled Nazzal.

Nazzal perpetrated what is known as the Ma’a lot Massacre, one of the deadliest attacks ever against Israeli children. In May 1974, he and two other members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine took 115 civilians hostage, mostly youngsters on a school trip, in the city of Ma’alot in the Western Galilee.

The ordeal lasted for two days and ended when the IDF’s elite Golani Brigade stormed the building.

The terrorists murdered 26 hostages; 22 were children. Another 68 people were wounded.

Last week, the Jenin municipality temporarily removed the monument after being warned by Israel that it would be confiscated. It was reinstalled soon afterwards.

The honoring of terrorists, Israel stresses, incites violence against Israeli civilians.

“Palestinian President Abbas tells the world that he educates Palestinian children for peace. That’s a lie,” Netanyahu tweeted regarding the monument.

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By: Adina Katz, World Israel News