IDF spokesman says Israel is ‘ready to attack immediately’ if Hezbollah starts war

Gallant: ‘Until we reach a situation in which it’s possible to restore security for residents of the north, we will not stop.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari announced on Saturday that three divisions of troops have been deployed on Israel’s border with Lebanon, that Israel plans to “reshape the security reality” on the northern border, and if war with Hezbollah is required, Israel is ready.

The IDF spokesman reported that Israel has already struck 3,400 terror sites and 150 cells, killing 200 Hezbollah terrorists since October 7th.

In addition, the IDF needs to ensure the border is safe and “reshape the security reality” to enable the return of 80,000 Israelis who have been displaced from northern towns because of Hezbollah missiles.

Hagari gave a stern warning to Hezbollah, that the IDF is “ready to attack immediately” if provoked and  added, “We don’t choose war as our first priority, but we are certainly prepared.”

He detailed the achievements of the IDF in its defense against the Lebanese terror group and said they have hit 120 observation posts, 40 command centers, 40 weapons depots and an airstrip Hezbollah uses to launch drones as well as a storage facility for anti-aircraft missiles.

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During the press conference Hagari showed rare footage of an IDF airstrike against a Hezbollah cell in Syria last month.

Hagari said, “We will continue to act wherever Hezbollah is present, we will continue to act wherever it is required in the Middle East. What is true for Lebanon is true for Syria, and is true for other more distant places.”

Since the beginning of the war, Hezbollah has launched missiles almost daily into Israel, resulting in the loss of 6 civilians and 9 IDF casualties.

Amid talks of a potential hostage deal which would coincide with a temporary pause against fighting in Gaza, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant stressed that the 6-week ceasefire wouldn’t hinder the IDF from retaliating against Hezbollah if the need should arise.

“If Hezbollah thinks that when there’s a pause in fighting in the south, we will hold fire against it, it’s sorely mistaken,” Gallant said.

He continued, “I say here explicitly: Until we reach a situation in which it’s possible to restore security for residents of the north, we will not stop.”

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“Whether we reach this through a [diplomatic] arrangement or military means, we will [restore] calm,” Gallant concluded.