IDF to train UN Peacekeepers in life-saving techniques

Recognized for its vast experience and its reputation as a world-leader in emergency medical care and first aid, and its international humanitarian efforts with numerous missions to disaster zones, Israel has been chosen to teach first-response skills to members of the UN peacekeeping forces.

Members of the United Nations peacekeeping forces will undergo advanced medical training in Israel by IDF officials and other leading civilian medical professionals.

The seminar will focus on the proficient administration of emergency medicine in the field and the first response of medical personnel in conflict zones. The objective of the seminar is to enhance and improve the peacekeeping forces’ abilities to contend with one of their primary challenges – saving lives in the field and in isolated combat zones.

“We are proud to welcome UN peacekeepers to Israel to learn from the world’s leading professionals and to witness firsthand our cutting-edge techniques for treating medical emergencies deep in the field,” said Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon.

“Unfortunately, Israel knows all too well about the need for quick and professional medical care in a time of need.  We hope that that these UN officials will incorporate the techniques they learn during their visit to Israel into their missions, and save lives around the world,” said Danon.

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The idea for the seminar came about six months ago during discussions about how to increase cooperation between Israel and the UN peacekeepers. The issue of urgent medical care arose during the discussions, as it became apparent that many lives are lost yearly due to lack of proficiency in this field. At the behest of Danon, a process began in which medical professionals in Israel began to study the issue, leading to the conception of this seminar.

Israel was chosen to lead the seminar due to its vast experience and its reputation as a world-leader in emergency medical care and first aid, and its willingness to contribute to international humanitarian efforts such as missions to disaster zones in Haiti, the Philippines and Nepal.

Danon said that in addition to the importance of saving lives, “this seminar will present the true face of Israel to the participants from across the globe and portray our desire to contribute to a better, and safer, world.”

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News