IDF unit ambushed in Samaria, three terrorists killed in gun battle

Terror cell ambushes IDF reconnaissance unit in Samaria, sparking gun battle that leaves three terrorists dead, one arrested.


Overnight, a number of armed men fired at a Special Forces Golani Reconnaissance Unit patrol that was in a military position near the Jit intersection in Samaria.

The Golani force, which the IDF said was carrying out a “proactive” activity in the area, responded by shooting at the armed men.

The IDF said three terrorists were neutralized during the exchange of fire and another turned himself in and was arrested.

No injuries were reported among the Israeli security personnel involved in the gun battle.

The Samaria shooting attack is the latest in a wave of Palestinian Arab terror attacks across the country.

On Thursday, a Hamas terrorist opened fire on pedestrians on Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Street, wounding three, before he was eliminated by security personnel.

That same evening, an Arab terrorist planted a bomb on a bus in the haredi city of Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem.

The next day, a terrorist infiltrated an Israeli farm in Samaria, brandishing knives and a hurling multiple bombs, two of which exploded.

The owner of the farm responded with gunfire, fatally wounding the terrorist.