Iran may be moving weapons to Syria and Lebanon by sea

Israeli observers say Iran is attempting to supply weapons to its allies Hezbollah and Syria by sea.

By World Israel News Staff

It has long been claimed by Western observers that Iran is building a “land bridge” to the Mediterranean. It may be building a sea bridge as well.

Israeli defense officials say that Iran may be transferring weaponry to Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria by sea, Ha’aretz reports on Monday.

Israel has made it clear that it won’t tolerate Iranian entrenchment in Syria and has backed up those words with precision bombings of Iranian targets in Syria over recent years.

“We will continue to act against Iran’s attempt to establish itself in Syria, with the air force having a central role,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a ceremony marking the graduation of air force pilots in June.

Iran observers have for some time said that the Islamic Republic’s strategy is to build a land bridge to the Mediterranean as a way of extending its hegemony over the region.

The land bridge, which passes through Syria and Lebanon, would also encircle Israel, a scenario the Jewish State is determined to avoid at all costs.

In September 2018, the IDF revealed that it had carried out roughly 200 strikes in Syria over a year-and-a-half period. According to the IDF, the attacks made use of over 800 missiles and bombs that were dropped on selected sites, mostly from fighter jets.

However, Iran continues to bring weapons material into Syria even as it pays a price for it.

Iran has already resorted to different methods to supply its allies. Last September, In September 2018, Western intelligence identified unusual civilian air flight activity from Tehran to the international airport in Beirut.

“The Iranians are trying to come up with new ways and routes to smuggle weapons from Iran to its allies in the Middle East, testing and defying the West’s abilities to track them down,” one of the intelligence sources told Fox News at the time.

The sea would be the latest route, if Israeli reports are correct.