ISIS Executes 13 Boys for Watching a Soccer Game

ISIS continues to terrorize civilians under its rule, applying extremist views and restrictions to daily life.  

Prisoners held by by ISIS. (Photo: Dabiq)

Prisoners held by by ISIS. (Photo: Dabiq)

The Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization, which controls large swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria, has established its own system of rule and justice, dealing extremely harsh punishments for anything it views as an infringement on its interpretation of Muslim law.

ISIS reportedly executed 13 teenage boys over the weekend in Mosul, Iraq, for watching a soccer game on television. They were publicly shot by a firing squad. Before the kids were killed, their “crime” was announced over a loudspeaker, reports said.

“The bodies remained lying in the open and their parents were unable to withdraw them for fear of murder by the terrorist organization,” an activist group that exposes ISIS atrocities, Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently (RIBSS), posted on its website.

On Tuesday, ISIS security forces, charged with enforcing Muslim Sharia law, raided the homes of musicians who played the keyboard and severely punished them. Arab news sources report that the musicians were sentenced to 90 lashes on their backs and limbs for playing electrical musical keyboards, which ISIS declared as “offensive to Islam.” Their instruments were confiscated and destroyed. The musicians were lashed in public while their hands were bound behind their backs.

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A man caught smuggling cigarettes was punished with 50 lashes.

Earlier on, reports emerged that ISIS arrested 15 men who made a living from growing pigeons. ISIS claimed that this occupation diverts believers from the worship of Allah. Local reports show that six armed men entered the homes of the pigeon growers, dragged them out and handcuffed them. The age of the arrested men ranged between 16 and 22. Reports indicate that at least three of them were executed by ISIS.

Last week, ISIS published images of men thrown from a tall building as punishment for various offenses. Some were convicted of homosexuality, while others were convicted of robbery.

UN: ‘Scores’ of ISIS Executions

A  Hostage captured by ISIS. (Photo: Dabiq)

A hostage captured by ISIS. (Photo: Dabiq)

ISIS terrorists have carried out scores of execution-style killings in Iraq this month, the United Nations said on Tuesday. The New York Times quotes a UN report that cites “cruel and inhuman” punishment of men, women and children in areas under their control.

Two men believed to be members of ISIS, who were accused of banditry, were crucified – tied by their arms to a cross – and then shot in the northern city of Mosul.

The UN report also included the execution of the gay civilians. Their “ruthless murder” provided “another terrible example of the kind of monstrous disregard for human life that characterizes ISIL’s reign of terror over areas of Iraq that are under the group’s control,” the UN said.

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The killings often followed summary proceedings by a “court” in which the accused were brought in, told of the offense for which they were accused, pronounced guilty and taken for execution, a UN human rights official said.