Israel accused by news network of atrocities that Hamas committed

The speaker also accused the IDF of conducting ‘field executions’ of families nearby.


The Palestinian Quds News Network has released a video featuring unsubstantiated allegations against the Jewish state, mirroring atrocities committed by the Hamas terrorist organization during its attacks of the most brutal kind in southern Israel on Oct. 7, resulting in the murder of some 1,200 people.

Shared by Mario Nawfal, host of the online show “The Roundtable,” whose X account pumped out the propaganda to his 1.2 million followers, the video features an unnamed Palestinian man recounting numerous claims of atrocities committed by the Israel Defense Forces.

“We found a young boy. He has nothing to do with the factions or anything. They had put bombs in his stomach and exploded them,” he said. “An elderly man, they put bombs inside him and exploded them.”

The speaker also accused the IDF of conducting “field executions” of families nearby. He said a slaughter had occurred in a school and that “there are over 50 corpses that we couldn’t pull out.”

In the video released by the Hamas-affiliated network, the man said that Israeli soldiers “were killing everyone they saw. Some people were burnt. Some houses were burnt.” He then said that Israel had kept him and others under “four days of siege” during which “we didn’t have water or anything, and no one cared about us.”

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Lowkey, the antisemitic rapper and podcaster, was among those to share the video, telling his nearly 350,000 followers: “A man describes the horrific actions of Israeli forces in northern Gaza.”