Israel arrests Palestinians responsible for Molotov cocktail attacks

Members of a terror cell responsible for Molotov cocktail attacks against Israeli drivers were indicted in the Judea military court. 

The Shin Bet, Israel’s Security Agency, said on Tuesday that it arrested members of a terrorist cell that was responsible for a number of Molotov cocktail attacks on Highway 443 – the main road connecting Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the Judean region via Modi’in.

“The Shin Bet sees these acts of terrorism as very serious and life-threatening,” the agency said in a statement. “Together with the IDF and Israel Police, the Shin Bet will work vigorously in order to reveal these terror cells and to punish those involved.”

The cell members are residents of the nearby Palestinian town of Beit ‘Anan, located within Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries. They threw Molotov cocktails at cars, terrorizing drivers on Highway 443 on at least seven separate occasions.

According to Israel’s Foreign Ministry, this terror cell is responsible for only a fraction of the Molotov cocktail attacks occurring on that route.

By: World Israel News Staff