Israel bombs Hamas ‘fire kite’ position

The IAF retaliated against Hamas’ attempts to burn Israeli fields with fire kites, which have already ruined millions of shekels worth of produce. 

By: World Israel News Staff

Israel’s Air force (IAF) on Saturday night bombed a Hamas position in Gaza, adjacent to the border with Israel, from which “fire kites” were being launched.

Palestinian terrorists in the Strip have been setting fire to dozens of acres of southern Israeli farmland, using this new airborne weapon of choice.

The IAF strike was in response to “terrorists launching burning incendiaries in an attempt to a cause fire in Israeli territory,” the IDF said.

“The IDF will continue to operate against terror activity above and below land and holds the Hamas terror organization responsible for all terror activities in the Gaza Strip,” an IDF spokesman stated.

The kites, carrying small burning objects, have been crashing into Israeli territory and causing huge blazes, damaging Israeli farmland and ruining produce worth millions of shekels.

Witnesses said two kites with burning rags were brought down by the drones, while two other drones crashed after being hit by stones.

Palestinian officials said protesters smashed some equipment near the crossing but were unaware of any damage to pipelines. The Israeli military called the incident a “cynical act of terror” that harms Gaza civilians.

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Palestinians in Gaza have been using the “fire kites” in recent weeks as part of the larger “March of Return” protests that began on March 30. The violent Friday rallies have been orchestrated by Hamas, which controls Gaza, as part of an effort to “liberate Palestine.” Rioters have burned tires, thrown explosive devices and attempted to damage the security fence in order to infiltrate Israel.

On March 30, 30,000 Gazans gathered at the security fence bordering Israel. This past Friday’s riots saw a very low turnout of about 1,000 at five locations, and Palestinians are claiming that some 70 protesters were wounded.

AP contributed to this report.