Israel demands strong action against North Korea after nuclear test

Israel condemned North Korea for its H-bomb test and called on the international community to take decisive action against Pyongyang. 

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday issued a sharp condemnation of North Korea’s testing of a hydrogen bomb the previous day – its sixth nuclear test.

“The State of Israel condemns the recent nuclear test conducted by North Korea. The test is a continuation of North Korea’s pattern of defiant activity,” the statement said.

Israel said that North Korea must comply with all Security Council resolutions on this issue and “refrain from testing and developing weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems.”

“Only a determined international response will prevent other states from behaving in the same way,” the statement said.

Israel is closely monitoring the developing crisis between North Korea and the US and its allies, as its outcome can affect Israel’s security challenges.

The failed nuclear deal between the US and North Korea was perceived as a model of successful diplomacy after which the nuclear deal with Iran was modeled.

The international community’s response to Pyongyang’s will significantly affect how Tehran conducts itself in the future, as Israel fears that it is attempting to secretly develop nuclear weapons while outwardly abiding by the terms of the nuclear accord.

Israel also fears that a weak response against North Korea will embolden Iran to pursue its quest for weapons of mass destruction.

Similarly, a senior Israeli military official told reporters at a special briefing in April that rising tensions with North Korea may push the US to divert security resources from the Middle East to the Korean peninsula, which would have repercussions for Israel and the threats it is encountering in the region.

By: World Israel News Staff