‘Israel has lost trust in the peace process’ declares Israeli President

Herzog was critical of world opinion that didn’t seem to “give a damn” about Israeli terror victims prior to October 7th.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

When asked about the future of Israel’s peace process with the Palestinians, Israeli President Isaac Herzog declared, “Israel has lost trust in the peace process.”

“If you ask an average Israeli now about his or her mental state, nobody in his right mind is willing now to think about what will be the solution of the peace agreements,” he said.

“Because everybody wants to know: Can we be promised real safety in the future?” Herzog added.

“Israel lost trust in the peace processes because they see that terror is glorified by our neighbors,” said Herzog.

After the unprecedented and horrific atrocities committed by Hamas following its invasion of southern Israel communities on October 7th, Israel has stated its goal is to eliminate Hamas in Gaza to prevent similar attacks in the future.

However, Israel’s allies, including the United States, have proposed solutions regarding the control of Gaza after the end of the war between Israel and Hamas.

Yesterday at the World Economic Forum, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Israel has the opportunity to normalize relations with several Arab states if Israel commits to the establishment of a Palestinian State.

Blinken said, “You now have something you didn’t have before, and that is Arab countries and Muslim countries even beyond the region that are prepared to have a relationship with Israel in terms of its integration, its normalization, its security.”

He added, “But you also have an absolute conviction by those countries, one that we share, that this has to include a pathway to a Palestinian state.”

Herzog said he supported a “coalition of nations who are willing to commit to rebuilding Gaza” after the war.

The UAE has stated, much like Saudi Arabia, regarding assistance in rebuilding Gaza that it first has to “see a viable two-state solution plan, a road map that is serious, before we talk about the next day and rebuilding the infrastructure of Gaza.”

The Netanyahu Administration has rejected outright the notion of the Palestinian Authority ruling Gaza after the war, a possible solution floated by US President Biden.

Herzog was critical of world opinion that didn’t seem to “give a damn” about Israeli terror victims prior to October 7th.

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Herzog said, “The world has to face it point blank: There is an empire of evil emanating from Iran” a country determined to “undermine any peace process and any stability in the world.”