Israel prepares to send rescue mission to Morocco; over 50 Israelis missing after devastating earthquake

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has instructed all ministries to help the Moroccan people, “including preparations for sending a relief mission.”

By World Israel News Staff

Israel is taking swift action in response to a devastating 6.8-magnitude earthquake that recently struck Marrakesh and its surrounding areas in Morocco, resulting in a tragic loss of over 1,000 lives and leaving hundreds of thousands injured.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has announced that a delegation will be dispatched to Morocco on Sunday morning to facilitate the return of Israeli citizens who were affected by this natural disaster.

This delegation is set to comprise representatives from the consular department and administrative personnel, demonstrating Israel’s commitment to providing support to its citizens in times of crisis.

As of the latest available information, there were approximately 468 Israeli citizens in Morocco, with 56 individuals still unaccounted for.

Furthermore, Israel has demonstrated its solidarity with Morocco by preparing to send humanitarian aid and a rescue delegation to assist the affected areas.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized this commitment, stating, “In the wake of the earthquake disaster in Morocco, I have instructed all ministries and forces to assist as needed to the Moroccan people, including preparations for sending a relief mission to the area.”

He underscored Israel’s support for the Moroccan people during this challenging period.

President Isaac Herzog also conveyed his condolences to King Mohammed VI and the people of Morocco, expressing Israel’s readiness to provide assistance as required.

Teams of rescue workers, including medical professionals, are on standby, awaiting approval from Moroccan officials to deploy to the affected areas.

In addition to governmental efforts, humanitarian organizations such as IsraAID and the Joint have initiated actions to aid the local communities. IsraAID is sending a plane to Morocco in coordination with the local Jewish community in Marrakesh.

Insurance companies have made arrangements to rescue their insured clients in Morocco, ensuring their safe return to Israel. El Al Airlines is also providing flexibility to passengers affected by the earthquake, allowing them to reschedule their flights free of charge.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant reaffirmed Israel’s commitment to its partners in the region, stating, “A significant part of the Abraham Accords is our commitment to stand by our partners during difficult times. The State of Israel is prepared to assist the Kingdom of Morocco.”

Several Israeli ministers expressed solidarity and offered prayers and condolences to the citizens of Morocco in the aftermath of this tragic event.

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