Israel rescues 200 of its citizens from from battle zone in Ethiopia

Israel “looks after its citizens wherever they are.”

By World Israel News Staff

Approximately 200 Israeli citizens and prospective immigrants have been evacuated from the conflict-stricken region of Gondar, Ethiopia, in planes sent by Israel amid escalating violence between the Ethiopian Army and Fano militiamen in the Amhara region.

On Thursday, three aircraft departed Gondar for Addis Ababa, transporting over 150 individuals in a jointly organized rescue operation by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Foreign Ministry, the National Security Council, and the Jewish. Among those rescued were Israeli tourists, Jewish Agency staff, and 50 locals who are will immigrate to Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the “quick, quiet and – above all – successful” inter-ministerial operation.

“Israeli citizens and people eligible for aliyah from Ethiopia became in distress in areas of combat. I directed that they be brought out of there,” he said.

Israel “looks after its citizens wherever they are,” he added.

“We will welcome them [to Israel] with warmth and blessings,” the prime minister said.

Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said “Israel will not stand aside and leave even one Israeli behind.”

“I am proud of the personnel from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Embassy in Ethiopia for their quick and high-level action.

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Last month, two private organizations supported by local and Israeli officials rescued 13 Israelis from the same region.