Israel sends 2 knife-wielding infiltrators back to Jordan

The police and Shin Bet arrested dozens of suspects on Sunday who were believed to be involved in rioting and attacks.


Israeli security forces arrested on Sunday two Jordanians carrying knives after crossing into Israel during the night.

The Jordanians were arrested in the Mount Gilboa in northern Israel area as they were walking near Road 6666, Ynet reported. The two are currently being interrogated by Israel’s internal Shin Bet security service.

Jordan’s interior minister Mazen Farayah said that Israel returned the two Jordanian citizens.

“The foreign ministry said authorities are looking into reports that other Jordanian citizens have crossed into Israel in Monday without confirming whether it indeed happened,” reported the Associated Press.

During the past week, Jordanians have protested Israel’s retaliatory strikes on Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, who have targeted Israeli civilians with over 3,000 rockets.

Separately, the police and Shin Bet arrested dozens of suspects on Sunday that are believed to be involved in rioting and attacks.

In Lod, six residents were arrested for allegedly shooting, throwing rocks, and throwing firebombs at police officers, according to Ynet.

In eastern Jerusalem, security forces arrested 20 Palestinians affiliated with the terror group Hamas and arrested two others for allegedly attacking someone in the Old City.

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The Shin Bet stated that it arrested five Bedouin in the Negev for attempting to lynch Jews and another six on suspicion of burning tires on railway tracks. Others were arrested in the Negev for throwing rocks at cars and blocking roads.

Israeli security forces made additional arrests of suspects involved in alleged attacks.